Discussion Groups


The IAL provides a discussion forum via its listserver "lichens-l". All lichenologists with access to e-mail are encouraged to subscribe by sending the following message to LISTSERV@lists.hawaii.edu. Leave the subject line blank and type the message "subscribe lichens-l your name" and then send. You should receive confirmation within the next hour or so. The confirmation message provides instructions for accessing previous messages which have been archived as well as other general "housekeeping" information. If you have any problems send an enquiry to cliff@hawaii.edu. It provides an opportunity for rapid exchange of ideas, requests for information, etc., in an informal environment. It is also an ideal place to advertise job opportunities.

Cliff Smith, Honolulu

Mycology.Net Forum

The Mycology.Net Forum is a service for scientists to discuss all aspects of lichenology and mycology using different sections.